Gratitude Is The Best Attitude!


November is here, the month when most practice being thankful or gratitude. I believe practicing gratitude daily benefits the mind, heart, and spirit and it is never too soon to start teaching your children gratitude!!


Below is a list of my top 10 favorite ways to practice and teach gratitude as a family!

  1. Hand-write thank-you notes.One sentence per grade is a good rule of thumb, and be sure to send them out promptly.
  2. Make a gratitude jar.Fill it with short handwritten notes of gratitude (“I’m thankful we won the big game!” or, “I’m grateful Grandma came to visit.”). Pick a special time to pull out notes at random and read them aloud.
  3. Say thank-you with cookies/treats.Prepare and deliver a homemade “thank you” to your local heroes, could be firefighters, dentists, grocery clerks. Whoever you are feeling thankful for!
  4. Make it stick.Leave sticky notes for each family member to thank them for something you appreciate.
  5. Celebrate your year.Every birthday, make a list of things you are grateful for that year. A 5-year-old can think of five things, while a 10-year-old can manage at least 10.
  6. Be polite to Mr. Bear. Role-play using good manners and saying “thank you” using stuffed animals and action figures.
  7. Pick your top 3.At dinner or bedtime, take turns sharing the three best things about your day.
  8. Commit it to memory.Find and memorize thank-you prayers, songs or poems.
  9. Make a different kind of gift list. Write down the things (preferably handmade) your preschoolers would like to give friends and family as holiday gifts.
  10. Volunteer a Saturday. Think food pantry or animal shelter, and try to make it a regular commitment.



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