Staying Calm This Holiday Season


It is holiday season! Families everywhere are preparing for Christmas break, travel, guests, gifts, dinners and so on and so forth. Although it is a season of joy it can also bring on stress and rambunctious kids!

With all the chaos parents may find it impossible to keep their cool! No worries, we have a list of 10 things to do to keep your cool during this holiday season.



  1. Try to keep to normal routines as much as possible.During the holidays, it’s easy for your kids to become over-stimulated. They’re tired from all the activity and lack of routine, have probably eaten more sweets or spent too much time with siblings around the holiday season. Try to keep routines in place. Remember, the same rules apply.
  2. Ask your child(ren) for help in planning and preparing.Make your children feel like they’re an integral part of the events taking place, rather than a thorn in your side. Give them responsibilities and have them do some of the planning and the work involved in getting everything ready.
  3. Don’t make the holidays a free pass for bad behavior.If your kids are misbehaving, hold them accountable to better behavior as you would at any time of the year. Provide the consequences that you know are right for them, even if grandparents or aunts and uncles are suggesting to  “take it easy” on them.
  4. Find your focus. Before you launch into go-mode, take a deep breath and consider what the holidays are all about. It may feel like parties, treats, and gifts are the sole motivators for surviving the season, but remember the things that truly matter: friends, family, kindness, and love (and a great meal!)
  5. Make Sleep a Priority. People have a tendency to stay up late during the holidays, trying to get everything done. But the best thing you can do is get a good night’s sleep and leave any outstanding tasks until the morning. That endless list of to-dos is always there when you wake up and you will be so much more prepared to tackle it!
  6. Take time to try something new. The holidays can be a wonderful time to get to know your family. Try to see them through fresh eyes. Tell them about yourself and listen to them without needing anything in return.
  7. Stay Grateful. Think of some things you’re grateful for, and share your list with your family. It might be something small, like the fact that you can share a meal together, or spend time together over the holiday—or that you were able to get through your day without a fight.
  8. Have some mantras you can say to yourself to help you get through the stress.You might say, “Just let it go,” or “This too will pass,”  “It’s not personal” or “I am enough.” Try to swap negative thoughts that may come up with one of these slogans.
  9. Listen to yourself and don’t get sidetracked.Make it your number one commitment to not lose your cool no matter how others are behaving. You’ll feel better and will be the anchor that provides calm for all. You don’t have to hope for a good holiday season—you can decide to make it a good holiday season by recognizing that your good time is up to you and no one else.
  10. Get Active! One way to ensure that the kids will sleep well at night (And you will too) is to keep them active during the day. Take advantage of snow (whenever it gets here), and get out there and sled all day with them. If there is a bad weather day that you encounter, encourage a family dance-off in the living room. Whatever you need to do to keep them having fun, but also burning off a little energy, is great!


We hope you use these tips and have a very calm, cool and collected holiday season!

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