Tween & Teen Therapy

We truly enjoy working with tweens and teens (adolescents)!  At Kaleidoscope, it is our goal to help our clients be healthy and happy! Addressing social and coping skill issues, behavioral and interpersonal challenges at this pivotal time in development can make all the difference in their future.

We offer individual and group therapy for tweens and teens.  Being an adolescent is so difficult in today’s world.  Social, academic and home life pressures are increasingly challenging and social media makes it even trickier.  We help many adolescents who just need someone to talk to, someone on their side, other than their parents/guardians.  We understand that adolescents may feel lost at times, and we are here to help!  Our goal is to empower and teach lasting coping skills.

Common therapy goals for tweens and teens include:

Improving social skills (or social skill enrichment)
Developing anger management strategies
Managing anxiety or Depression
Increasing communication between family members
Coping with transitions (such as a new school)
Coping with divorce or family changes
Coping with a medical illness
Working through grief & loss
Making & maintaining friendships
Improving self-esteem & confidence
Expressing feelings appropriately
Communication skills
Academic struggles
Self-harm (or cut)
Strategies to improve mood
Improve peer and family relationships


We offer individual and group therapy for tweens and teen

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