What Are Social Skills?

Kaleidoscope Kids Social Skills Groups meet once a week after school for an hour and the groups run for the entire school year. We incorporate art, games, activities, team challenges, yoga and discussions to develop vital social skills and create positive connections with others in a fun, active and safe environment. There are typically 3-6 children in a group. Groups are created based on age and area of improvement. We work with children ages 3 to 17

What are social skills?
Social skills are skills that facilitate healthy and positive interaction and communication with others. They are the skills a person uses to communicate and interact with others. In childhood some of the most important skills include :Making and keeping friends, listening and following directions, joining in with peers, communicating ,compromising, impulse control, starting a conversation, staying on-topic, good sportsmanship, making a good first impression, going with the flow, managing anxiety, expressing emotions appropriately and Self-confidence

Who Benefits From a Social Skills Group?
Social skills enrichment can be for anyone, diagnosed or not. Social skills groups have begun to be a mainstream enrichment program rather than an intensive type of therapy. In this age group it is common for children to struggle with certain social skills and with some coaching and practice we can help!

What Happens in a Social Skills Group?
Clients participate in fun and interactive games, activities, team challenges, crafts, improve , conversations, discussions and even yoga!. We try to create as much of a natural environment as possible to ensure kids get in the moment feedback and practice.

How Can Social Skills Groups be Helpful?
During our groups, we coach our kids on skills in a safe and supportive environment where we can give helpful feedback. During our groups our kids have some of the most positive social experiences that they have had in a long time. These positive experiences help build self-confidence and prove that they can be socially successful. This will make them more likely to use these skills outside of the group. Social skills enrichment gives kids a toolbox of skills, they gain confidence and a range of real life experiences to draw from. This helps ensure our kids reach their social success!