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Social Skills: A Key For Success –  This training helps providers better understand children’s social development and learn techniques on  how to help children communicate and interact with their peers more effectively.
ADHD:Navigating the Diagnoses – The prevalence of ADHD in children is on the rise. Child care providers and teachers need more practical and positive strategies to help and work with children who have these diagnoses.
Building Positive Parent-TeacherRelationships :Effective Communication– This workshop helps teachers learn about effective communication techniques that foster positive parent -teacher relationships. Teachers will identify and learn ways to improve communication with families.
Happy, Healthy Children:Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse– This training examines the roles and responsibilities that child care providers have in recognizing ,reporting and responding to allegations of child abuse and neglect.
Healthy,Happy Teachers:A Guide to Preventing Burn Out– This workshop helps teachers explore the phenomenon of burn out and what self-care techniques they can implement to prevent burnout and continue to enjoy their careers as early childhood educators!
If You’re Angry and You Know It,Use Your Words!– This workshop prepares providers to help children identify and communicate emotions constructively.
Natural Vs. Logical Consequences: A Guide to Correcting Difficult Behavior– This workshop prepares providers to confront difficult behavior and correct it in a positive and logical manner.
Tantrums: What’s a Teacher To Do?!– This workshop prepares teachers and providers to prevent, manage and intervene during tantrums. Providers will be given practical tools and interventions to be better equipped to handle these challenging behaviors.
Time Out for Time Out– This workshop teaches providers the difference between traditional time out and positive time out. Positive time out is a positive discipline strategy that helps children process their emotions and learn self-control.
Why We Should Stop Saying ‘Good Job’ – This workshop teaches providers the difference between praise and encouragement. Encouraging children for their efforts rather than praising them promotes a healthy self-esteem and independence in children.
Kindergarten101: Helping Parents Navigate-This training is designed to help child care providers prepare families for the transition to kindergarten
It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later: Creating Healthy Goodbyes and Transitions -This training helps teach child care providers strategies to help families transition to a new classroom or school.
* Each training is worth 2 hours of Bright from the start training hours. We are more than happy to create workshops and trainings that address your specific needs. * ALL topics are adapted for parent workshops